Enterprise Europe Network

First step - Euro Info Centre (EIC) - On 6th June 1998 ARR - Regional Development Agency (ARR), a subsidiary company of the communal association of the Nisa Euroregion and the District Economic Chamber (DEC) in Liberec made a Contract on Co-operation. Based on this contract, the Regional Euro Info Correspondence Centre (EIC) seated in Liberec was opened on 1st October 1998. This EIC operated as a part of the network of regional centres EIC Prague and covered the area of five districts (four of them will be included in the newly established Liberec district).

Enterprise Europe Network provides specialized services aimed at support and raising of competitiveness mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Network activities include expert counselling for entrepreneurs and information on the Single Market, assistance with transnational technology transfer, searching for international business contacts and project partners for international co-operation in research and development.

The advantage of our region is its neighbouring with two other countries (Germany, Poland). This neighbourhood is under the patronage of a communal association - the Nisa Euroregion which set up the ARR and . 

Main Activities of the Enterprise Europe Network Liberec: 

Organising different seminars, workshops and conferences connected with the experience exchange for small and medium enterprises and other entities 
Counselling in the area of the EU policy (EU legislation, EU Internal Market etc.) 
Consultations to prepare the projects for SMEs 
Special activities focused on selected professional groups 
Issuing advertising materials to familiarise the EU 
Providing complex information services 
Educational impact on the business public 
Providing information and advertising materials 
Support of cross-border co-operation focusing on strengthening economical, social and cultural ties 
Up-to-date informing the entities involved about the EU 
Providing assistance within business co-operation with foreign partners 

Important web sites: 

The Institute for European policy 
The electronic magazine concerning the European integration 

EU and living environment 

Information about EU for non-profit organisations 

The Delegation of European Commission in the Czech Republic 

Information about EU 

The Technological centre of Academy of Sciences (information about EU programmes for research and development 

The Centre for European integration of the Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic 

The national educational fund (information about Structural funds and projects) 

Portal of public authorities 

Department of the Environment (information about living environment) 

Ministry of Finance 

Ministry for Regional Development 

Ministry of Industry and Trade 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic 

Actual information about the Structural Funds 

Official web sites about EU 

The Czech Enterprise Europe Network consist of 11 members: 

Oficial web Enterprise Europe Network in Czech Republic: www.enterprise-europe-network.cz



- Processing applications for financial support,
- Feasibility studies,
- Economic study of the forecasting of possible funding sources,
- Financial (cost-benefit) analysis,
- Preparation and execution of the tender according to the rules of the tender,
- Ensuring the administration of the project during its implementation.


- Strategic plans of cities, municipalities, associations of municipalities and microregions,
- Development of program development documents in the Action Plan
- Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT)
- Conceptual materials
- Action plans for non-capital investment and development projects


Advice for small and medium-sized businesses:
- Find a program for financial support
- Find a partner entities
- Identifying potential foreign partners and establish contacts
- Search for suitable brownfield sites / greenfield in the district.