Development concepts and plan

In terms of the processing of developmental, conceptual, and planning documents, the Agency offers its experience in the processing of the development strategies of towns, municipalities, and micro-regions, whilst also providing analyses of their developmental possibilities in sectional areas of public and economic life. Activity in this sphere also includes a programme design of measures and priorities in individual areas and the proposal of successive steps that should be taken to realise them, including the identification of possible sources of financing.

Our long-term operation in the region, our knowledge of regional development documents (planning documentation at a regional level, the regional development programme, partial departmental regional conceptual plans), and our cooperation on the creation of these all combines to ensure that when it processes regional programme documents at town, municipal, or micro-regional level, the Agency takes into account and incorporates the regional development policy into the local development policy. On the other hand, our experience and knowledge from processing local development programmes and strategies makes sure that the Agency does not underestimate the importance of regional particularities when working on documentation at a regional level. 

When it processes developmental planning documents, the Agency proceeds according to standard methods with the use of analytical tools and statistical investigation, whilst it also cooperates with working parties that are made up of representatives that are involved with population groups. Meanwhile, the results of investigations and draft sectional measures and developmental priorities are discussed with the responsible representatives of the Agency’s partner. This procedure guarantees that the final appearance of the processed document meets the requirements of the partner from both a methodical and content-based perspective and is therefore fully applicable in the implementation of the partner’s development policy.



ARR – Agentura regionálního rozvoje, spol. s r.o. – can process the following documents:

The strategic plans of towns, municipalities, micro-regions, or alliances of municipalities;
The elaboration of development programme documents into a plan of action;
A draft of the monitoring of the process for the realisation of the plan of action and updating;
Socio-economic analyses, including research to concern population groups;
Analyses of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT);
Conceptual plans for development in the fields of culture, tourism, social services, etc.;
Plans of action for investment and non-investment development projects in accordance with the priorities specified and the measures adopted.





- Processing applications for financial support,
- Feasibility studies,
- Economic study of the forecasting of possible funding sources,
- Financial (cost-benefit) analysis,
- Preparation and execution of the tender according to the rules of the tender,
- Ensuring the administration of the project during its implementation.


- Strategic plans of cities, municipalities, associations of municipalities and microregions,
- Development of program development documents in the Action Plan
- Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT)
- Conceptual materials
- Action plans for non-capital investment and development projects


Advice for small and medium-sized businesses:
- Find a program for financial support
- Find a partner entities
- Identifying potential foreign partners and establish contacts
- Search for suitable brownfield sites / greenfield in the district.